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Thanks to Downunder32M for the info
I found a nice backup for all out there using a PNA running WinCE5.0...

TomTom 7.910.9185 - ready to run.
This backup is from a "virgin" install ,meaning that nothing is configured and no maps are included!
I can't test it myself ,because I don't have a PNA with CE5.0.
Therefore I would like to know if someone would be brave enough to test it ??
You will need a "open Windows" - meaning that your desktop is not locked and usable.
Also a filemanager would be good to make the shortcuts to your desktop if you're not able to use the internal Windows functions for that.

How to do it??
1. Make a proper backup of your SD card -this Version is meant to run from the SD card - I don't know if can be adjusted to be installed on internal storage.
1.1 Please check if the backup is really complete...

2. Extract the backup to the root of your SD card. PW : downunder

3. Start your PNA with the card in it and run the "Autorun.exe" from the SD card - this is necessary to install the DLL files for the Navigator!

4. You can delete the folder "dllsource" now ,also the Mortscript files.

5. Make a shortcut to your desktop for the file "TomTom Navigator.exe" located in the folder "TomTom Navigator" or start it directly by using your file explorer or the "run" command.

6. Configure Tomtom.
6.1 It might be that it is using a different language. If so tap on the screen to open the menu and go into the settings (the spanner symbol) ,go through the menu until you see the language settings (the flags) change to English).

7. Install a map ,e.g.: Australia 830.2290
META for this map :
; Australia_830_2290
76 EE 1B F4 91 66 FD 89 8D F1 3E 4B 6E 11 62 D3 Australia-40.meta

8. Activate the map using the Keygen PW : demonfatal

9. How to use the Keygen :
9.1 Extract the files from keygen.rar to your had disk
9.2 Now copy .meta from your map directory to "insert_meta_from_Map_here" in the "Eaysyusetools..." directory
9.3 Using "Notepad" open the file "ttnavigator.bif" located in your "navigator" folder on your SD card.
9.4 Copy the number next to "DeviceUniqueID=" into the file "DeviceID.txt" in the "Easyusetools..." folder on your hard disk
9.5 Save and close the file "DeviceID.txt" - close the other window with the "ttnavigator.bif" too
9.5 Start "RunMeforDCT.bat" in "Easyusetools..." folder
9.6 Choose number 1 and press "enter"
9.7 Then choose number 1 and press "enter"
9.8 Close the window as the keygen is finnished

10. Go to folder "insert_meta_from_Map_here" in the "Eaysyusetools..." directory and copy the new file .meta.dct that was created into your map folder on the SD card

11. Start Tomtom ,make the settings for your GPS receiver and enjoy.

12. If you get an error like "no map found" even with a correct .dct file in your map folder ,try this:
12.1 Make folder on your card named "My Documents" and move the map folder in there - some PNA's need the map folder in there. Why? Sorry -no idea!

Thanks to demonfatal for the links and tools!


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